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Welcome to Stone Voices!
Stone Voices offers you will plunge into the world of the high-quality and unusual software for the decision of creative tasks: different programs for musicians, composers and audio engineers, VST/VSTi format plug-ins (audio effects and the virtual synthesizers) and also utilities for design.

 10 April 2021

VST-plugin «Ambient Reverb» (Last update v6.8)

Ambient Reverb

Ambient Reverb plugin acts on the principle of high-quality algorithmic reverb with the calculation of sufficiently dense in time sound reflections, which allows to obtain realistic reverb without granulation effect.
It is intended primarily for working with sound material in the ambient genre, although it can be successfully applied to other musical styles and directions. A distinctive feature of the plugin is a wide range of reverberation time (up to 100 seconds), which allows you to get different types of reverb in nature, as well as the ability to literally freeze sounds, while receiving interesting sound pads, like Frippertronics.


 8 April 2021

VST-plugin «Brandulator» (Last update v2.0)


Freeware VST Plugin Brandulator is a complex sound processor that allows you to get quite interesting combined effects - comb filters, trance gate, vocoder, wah-wah, various types of modulation (chorus, flanger, phaser, ring, etc.). The work of this plugin is based on splitting the original signal into uniform intervals, in accordance with the tempo of the musical composition, to each of which a certain type of processing can be applied.


 9 February 2021

VST-plugin «Chorus GAS» v1.0

Chorus GAS

Free VST plugin - Chorus GAS consists of four independent modules of delay lines, which are tuned to the required notes from the full MIDI range (from C0 to G10), which allows you to get quite interesting combined effects - chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato, etc., within one plug-in. Thanks to the tuning of the delay lines to the key, quite interesting types of tonal choruses and flangers are realized, imitating interval, chord, pentatonic and other sound combinations that cannot be realized through other effects. Another distinctive feature of this effect is the presence of an adjustable high-pass filter in the feedback loop, which gives a peculiar flavor to the sound, reminiscent of flight.


 2 May 2020

VST-plugin «Moss Equalizer» v1.4

Moss Equalizer

Free VST plugin - Moss Equalizer effective 265 - band FFT equalizer, able to adjust levels in the range from -150 to +60 dB, in the frequency range from 10 to 20000 Hz.
With the help of Moss Equalizer you can change the amplitude-frequency characteristic of the audio track as you like: increase the bass/treble level, remove the infrasound and the so-called “rumble” microphone, and also cut out the noise created by the interference of the 50/60 Hz AC network. We emphasize that this equalizer can perform the modeling of so-called comb filters, which allow to obtain an effect whose sound very much resembles a vocoder.


 31 May 2019

Application «Sound Art»

Sound Art

Do you want to talk with dolphins, trees, stones, or even representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations? With those who do not understand the human language. But we can not tell about ourselves in words. And waves, vibrations, sound. With the help of Sound Art 1.0, you can convert almost any image into a sound portrait. Including your own. And these sounds will tell more about us than any words.
Sound Art 1.0 — free program for visualizing sound and sound images. It is designed to convert images into sound and vice versa.


 4 August 2018

Application «Grape» (Release v1.1)


Grape The cross-platform open source program, is intended for needs of designers, architects, decorators and so forth. Assignment - conversions of the bitmap image in popular formats (PNG, JPEG, BMP and so forth) in vectorial, a perforation method holes in the form of circles, squares or rhombs, with the given parameters. An output format - *.dxf which you will be able to open in any vectorial editor, or, for example, to send to laser-beam cutting.
This method will be useful not only by production of design works, but also to manufacture of different advertizing structures, the punched grids and fences, exclusive lamps and other objects of your design imagination.


 10 November 2017

VSTi-plugin «Marazmator» (Last update v2.3)


The VSTi-plug-in «Marazmator», is the virtual synthesizer creating unusual sound forms. The subject of sounds strikes with the variety, it both sound space plots, and the natural phenomena, sounds of technical character (engines, mechanisms, the tool and тп), different voices, and sound objects which are simply not giving in to any description. The synthesizer can be used in different genres and the directions to the modern electronic and experimental music such as: Ambient, Chillout, Industrial, Noise, Dub, Jungle, Drum'n'Bass, Trance and so forth. It can be used as the generator of special effects in audio tracks for different applications, games, theatrical performances, movies (documentary, a fantasy, mysticism тп). With its help it is possible how to create the very long on time morfiruyemy sound forms, and rhythmic repeating - loops (Loop). We hope that by means of this plug-in you will be able to bring new sound forms which will surprise listeners to this world, will make your music more various and more interesting! This plug-in is the free software (Freeware).


 15 October 2017

VSTi-plugin «PolyGAS» (Last update v2.4)


PolyGAS (Polyphonic Granular Advanced Synthesizer) - the virtual synthesizer of the VSTi format (the VST protocol of version 2.4) providing operation as the connected plug-in to DAW (digital audio workstation), for example, such as: FL Studio, Ableton Live, Sony Acid Pro, Cockos Reaper, PreSonus Studio One, Cakewalk Sonar and others.
This synthesizer is based on a granular method of sound synthesis, allowing to use as much as possible possibilities of this method of synthesis.
We hope that by means of this plug-in you will be able to bring new sound forms which will surprise listeners to this world, will make your music more various and more interesting!


 26 June 2017

Application «Sound Explorer» (Last update v2.1)

Sound Explorer

«Sound Explorer 2.1» - The program, hybrid of a file manager (like the Windows Explorer) and the player of audio of files which can be the useful tool of the computer musician, the sound producer and just the music lover. By means of this program it is very convenient to listen to libraries of samples, and also to perform works on sorting of files, including file operations (copying, relocation, deleting in a basket). There is a built-in editor of tags supporting popular tag formats with a possibility of editing coverart images.


 6 January 2017

Application «FlutoMAX Flute Designer» (Last update v1.7)

FlutoMAX Flute Designer

«FlutoMAX Flute Designer» - the free program for those who are engaged in manufacture of flutes. Allows to calculate game holes for different musical frets and systems, an output of the ready drawing (both on the screen, and in files of different formats, on the printing), the built-in chromatic tuner for setup and many other things.


 23 December 2016

VSTi-plugin «Granulator» (Release v1.0)


The VSTi-plug-in «Granulator» the experimental synthesizer working by the principle of granular synthesis. Granular synthesis represents one of the last inventions in the sphere of processing of a sound. If operation with analog synthesizers already causes in you boredom if you can't invent anything new and interesting to your samples any more, then pay attention to technology of granular synthesis. The huge number of impressions and the ideas is guaranteed. In "Granulator" two methods of generation of sound granules are used: a method with FM modulation use, and the method using samples. We hope that by means of this plug-in you will be able to bring new sound forms which will surprise listeners to this world, will make your music more various and more interesting! This plug-in is the free software (Freeware).


 14 April 2016

Application «Kurai MIDI Player» (Last update v1.2)

Kurai MIDI Player

«Kurai MIDI Player» - the player of MIDI files, with a possibility of visualization of a fingering traditional Bashkir kury in the context of the lost tune. The program is intended for facilitation of independent learning of tunes, or analysis of difficult batches for kury, at the same time knowledge of music basics isn't required. You can change speed, a tonality, the game range of the reproduced MIDI files, and also to create from them collections, with a possibility of saving the playlist in the file with extension of .pls which can also be opened popular players, for example Winamp, AIMP2 or Foobar2000.


 1 February 2015

Application «ABC Lab» (Release v1.0)


«ABC Lab» - the free program representing the musical editor using the ABC-format of a musical notation. The ABC-format of a musical notation is a text markup language, according to the concept similar to programming languages, intended for a marking, formatting and record of notes to musical pieces.
The «ABC Lab» program is the environment (IDE) for preparation of source texts in the ABC language, and also for the subsequent processing of source texts of ABC (conversion to a graphics and to MIDI) and viewing (playing) of its results.




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